Mikayla Ruth Catherine
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 "..Do Whatever He tells you.."

John 2: 5


Mikayla Ruth Catherine Koble

Current Home: Bismarck, North Dakota
Hometown: Minot, North Dakota
You May Also Know Me From: La Crosse, WI; Ypsilanti, MI; Vermillion, SD; Fargo, ND

Job: artist, writer, speaker
Former: Campus Missionary with FOCUS - The Fellowship of Catholic University Students, 2012-2016
Degree: B.S. in Human Development and Family Science from North Dakota State University, December 2012

Temperament: Melancholic Phlegmatic
Love Language: Quality Time (also cookies...)

Saint: Ignatius of Loyola
Disney Princess: Pocahontas
Superhero: Batman

Instagram: @mikaylaruthcatherine
Facebook: @mikaylaruthcatherine
Blog: www.mikayla-ruth.blogspot.com

The Logo

My logo is my name, because in all that I do and create, I am offering myself.

My first name - Mikayla - is a feminine variant of Michael, which means, "Who is like God?" Like Saint Michael the Archangel, I want to communicate that we could never take the place of God, for we are not like Him in that sense. I also want to communicate that we were created in His Image, according to His Likeness (Genesis 1: 26). Though we cannot replace Him, we are meant to reflect Him.

My middle name - Ruth - comes from my maternal grandmother, who gave me early art instruction that the purple paint was not supposed to be applied to my arm (oops!). Its Hebrew meaning is, "companion, friend, vision of beauty," and the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament is one of my favorite stories -- filled with inspiration to Trust and act in Courage.

My confirmation name - Catherine - is from Saint Catherine of Bologna, the patron saint of art. She was a painter and writer in the 1400s. I was neither painting nor writing when I chose her many years ago, but I really cannot be surprised that I am now primarily doing both. The French meaning of the name is, "pure, clear."

The wing in my logo is meant to symbolize my role as a messenger. I desire for my entire life to reflect and communicate the Beauty, Truth, and Goodness of God -- whether it be through personal encounters, writings, or visual art.