Mikayla Ruth Catherine

Rosary Reflections

Rosary Reflections

short reflections on the mysteries to aid your prayer time

Divine Delight.JPG

The Joyful Mysteries

Our Lady of Guadalupe.JPG

The Glorious Mysteries

Sacred Heart.JPG

The Luminous Mysteries


all of the mysteries

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The Sorrowful Mysteries

Mother of Sorrows.jpg

Seven Sorrows Mysteries


A Crown of Roses

Incorporating more historical context and imaginative prayer, I have also written some lengthier reflections on each decade of the rosary--though I have not yet finished (started) the glorious mysteries.

I originally created them as part of a Bible study a few years ago, but I want to re-format them to accompany my new painting project.
Over an indefinite period of time, as I figure things out, I will be releasing a series of paintings and reflections for each decade of the rosary.